SERVICES for Commercial Kitchens and Canteens

Foodservice/ Kitchen Design & Planning Services

Our dedicated staff contributes many years of hands-on experience in planning and installations, providing assistance and meeting challenges with viable solution.


  • Time Savings
  • Fewer Design & Changes
  • Pleasant work areas fitted with the right equipment enabling staff to perform with maximum effciency.

Our kitchen designer obtain and document the operating brief from the Owner, Operator or his representative, The Owner's requirements subsequently implemented into the kitchen layouts for the project. The kitchens designs are developed in approve stages, with recommendations in the interests of the development. Attention is paid to workflow, hygiene health and safety issues and to the sourcing of the suitable equipment specification.

Fabrication ,Manufacturing and Supply Unit in Kolkata

Libra Industrial Components has facilities to fabricate stainless steel equipment to Custom design specifications. Our considerable manufacturing facilities allow us to serve our local customers better to ensure that quality is controlled, deadlines are met and correct materials are used.

Libra Industrial Components Continually explores new industry techniques, updates factory manufacturing equipment and retains skilled fabricators. The end result is that our clients obtain the best equipment for their needs.

Installation and after sales service

We strive to make our installations trouble-free for our clients whether the work is from our own plans or from those of other consultants. Care taken during the installation phase considerably reduces initial operating problems.

To maintain equipment in peak operating order our service technicians are actively supported by training and a large spare parts inventory. This keeps the down time of our Clients equipment to a minimum.