KITCHEN EQUIPMENT Wholesale trade and supply


We Manufacture Quality Commercial Kitchen Equipment Single and Double Indian Range, Chinese Range, Bulk Cooking Range, Continental Range with Oven, Chappati Plate with Puffer, Barbeque, Idli Steamer, Dosa Plate, Electric Salamander, Rice Boilers, Tilting Pans, Deep Fat Fryer, etc. Table Top Gas Fryer Tank, 3-4 burner range are also manufactured and supplied for commercial canteen kitchens.

 Table Top Electric Fryer Tank

 Table Top Gas Fryer Tank

 Fryer & Cutting Machine

 Indian Burner

 Double Burner Indian Range

 Three Burner Indian Range

 Four Burner Indian Range

 Authentic Chinese Cooking Range

 Dosa Plate

 3 Burner Combination 2 Indian & 1 Chinese & Chappati Plate

 Industrial Bulk Cooking Ranges

 Electric IdliSteamer & Table Top Barbeque & Baking Oven

 Electric Salamander

 4 Burner Continental RangeWith Oven

 2 Burner Combination Indian & Chinese Range